I'll explain a little about the Sail and Sign card.

You will get this when you board the ship it acts like
an on board credit  account which you charge drinks, souviners (NKOTB Cruise
Merchandise)  and shore excursions too and its paid the night before or day you
get  off the boat.  Also it is used as a form of ID to get off and back on the boat at the ports.

A little more information off Carnivals website to explain how it works:

For your convenience, charges for most of your onboard purchases will be  posted to your Sail & Sign® account. A required application form  will be included with your documents. Registration for this program will occur at the time of embarkation. Carnival accepts
American Express,  Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Network Card, Diner's Club, Optima Card and  cash for deposit on your account. A deposit (ranging from $100 to $350  depending on cruise duration) will be required for cash accounts. 

Third-party credit cards, Travel Funds Cards, Credit Card Gift Cards and Mini Credit Cards are not accepted on board.

If you are using a credit card or debit/check cashing card please be  advised that there will be a hold placed on your account as a deposit  for your onboard
purchases. During your cruise additional holds will be  added if your Sail & Sign® account exceeds the amount of deposit  Carnival has on file. If you presented a credit card, this will reduce  the amount available on your credit card for other purchases. If you  presented a debit/check cashing card, the hold will restrict the  available cash in your checking account. All charges will be billed to  the credit card or debit/check cashing card at the end of the cruise. 
Please note that Carnival Cruise Lines will not be held responsible for any bank-imposed overage or insufficient funds charged on debit or  credit cards.


Your Sail & Sign Card will serve as your Boarding Card. This card  identifies you as a Carnival guest and must be carried with you along  with picture identification when you go ashore. Because the ship is  closed to the public while docked at the various ports-of-call, you’ll  have to show your Sail & Sign Card and picture I.D. to the officer on duty in order to return on board.

NOTE: - Also note that I recommend using Credit Card if possible and second  cash in the past ive read of people having trouble using debit cards and not receiving the hold on the funds back for up to 72 hours after they  have departed the cruise.

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    Hi Ive been lucky enough to have cruised in 2009 and 2010 here are few handy tips for 1st time cruisers. Hope this helps you out.


    February 2013